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Tactical division, often called the physical muscle of the Division will carry out surgical strikes to halt or help abate conflicts in the Verse. These small strike teams will mostly work hand in hand with the Special Response Team and assist them in their missions.


Command is the organizational and managing heart of the division. It will focus on the big picture and draw the longterm plans, vote on decisions regarding new recruits and rules.


The Research division will focus on generating marketable research and products. Research will provide the rest of the division with information and user guides. Additionally the division will focus on the various cover corporate identities and work hand in hand with the Logistics division to generate revenue.


The Intelligence Division handles the intelligence and counterintelligence duties within the organization. The division is highly independent of the four other divisions, maintaining a higher level of secrecy within the already secretive organization. The division operates military satellites, advanced computer equipment and personnel within other organizations. The intelligence division is charged with finding and securing Hadesian artifacts as well. Agents and officers of the division operate under the codename Ogma.